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i am so excited you heard about this company and are compelled to discover the mission of "hope hazy artist academy." 
while i absolutely value the technical and skillful facet of being a musician, when one merely mechanically executes a song without simultaneously implementing his or her own soul timbre, the outcome is artless and void of connective power.  i am as passionate about educating artists about their instruments, music theory, styles and techniques as i am about leading them through a process of identifying and extracting constraining walls.  my mission is to cultivate a safe space in which inner warriors unfold through a newfound willingness to authentically, skillfully and musically deliver solid songs and messages with bold yet vulnerable voices. and this is when music becomes art... 
the compound of sound and soul.  
my background
i majored in music composition technology at ORU and attended the contemporary music center in Martha's Vineyard, MA.  i began teaching guitar lessons my freshman year of college.  over the last fifteen years, i have taught private lessons through my own practice as well as taught at three music academies, totaling over a thousand one on one students.  many of the artists i've worked with, both former and current, are recording and touring musicians thriving in their passions and purposes.  some have record deals. some have publishing companies.  all have permanently impacted me and contributed to the purpose drenched nature of this company.
hope hazy 
my art
i have processed artistically for as long as i can remember and have utilized countless avenues to externalize who i am through art.  since i could hold a crayon, i have cataloged my thoughts and stories.  i began dappling with the piano and writing music at age eight and in 1997,
my passion for guitar playing was birthed.  
i have released two full length albums and completed two statewide tours for each album.  between those releases,  i won a "best songwriter" los angeles music award.  i have also won three original songwriting contests through  i regularly write and record with various esteemed producers including kevin teasley (harry potter, twilight), david huff (rascall flatts, taylor swift), chris james (prince, self), mike whittaker (cake, lionel richie), jeffery david (seal, echosmith), and ran jackson (katy perry, the daylights).  over forty of my songs were placed in feature film movie trailers, indie films, commercials and major network tv shows.
  writing, recording and performing is in my blood and creative communication will pump through me
as long as i am alive.
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