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Vanessa Price
“Every week I was inspired to move forward in my guitar playing not only by the way Hope teaches, but also by the enthusiasm that she brings to music in general. She makes playing the guitar exciting. One of the best parts about lessons with her was that she was always able to alter songs I wanted to learn so that they were reachable for my skill level. She made it easy and fulfilling to learn, and I think my lessons with Hope were one of the biggest reasons I was able to reach the level of playing that allowed me to write my own songs and play my own shows.”
Zoe Gitter 
"In one year of studying with Hope, Zoe has learned more about writing songs and playing the guitar than she had in five years with her previous teacher. Hope has Zoe playing always at her edge, as well as encouraging her to think of her own songs in new ways. Perhaps most importantly for us, she is able to respect the delicacy of Zoe's developing songwriting voice, while helping her deepen the work. In short, Hope teaches Zoe not just as a pupil, but as an artist, and that's pretty much the bee's knees for us.” -Lisa Gitter (Zoe's mom)
Andrew Dorsey
“When I was first learning guitar, I was learning, but at a snails pace. I went to Hope, and she completely opened my eyes to the guitar world! Eight years later, I have come back to Hope again since I was a bit stuck again in my learning, and once again, Hope never fails! She left me mind blown! Her methods, her teaching structure, everything is just perfect. Thank you Hope!”
Mia Rashap
 "Hope is an incredible teacher who puts so much energy and passion into her musical endeavors. She has taught me so much in such a short period of time and I feel like I have really progressed over these past couple of months. She is extremely dedicated and it is evident that she loves what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn guitar, voice, or songwriting. It has been an honor being her student. "
Briana Vague
“I took guitar lessons from Hope for roughly three years. During this time, my skills and understanding rapidly increased. People were shocked at how quickly I progressed (this is entirely related to Hope's aptitude as a teacher). Hope is not only kind, patient and incredibly knowledgeable, she has a genuine love of and gift for teaching which is evident in every lesson. I could not have had a better learning experience.”
Marisabel Bazan
“To have Hope as a guitar coach is to be guided hand by hand by the definition of her own name."